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Johnson full of praise for the forwards

There’s a saying in rugby that forwards win matches, the back determine by how many points they win by.
Hull’s forwards have been the cornerstone of their victories this season for the backs to shine.
The likes of Stephen Hihetah (17) and Mike Adlard (11) have grabbed the headlines, but their try scoring feats wouldn’t be made possible if it wasn’t for the power of the pack.
Linking the backs and the forwards is the job of Steve Johnson and Harvey Harding and they have done it very well so far this season.
Johnson is full of praise for the men in the engine room ahead of Saturday’s home game with Ilkley after beating Wirral 42-7 last weekend.
“The win on Saturday was just what we needed at home,” Johnson said.
“Away from home, we’ve been in better form but it was good to finish the game seeing a good score line in our favour.
“Obviously the backs are creating chances and now chances that we created three or four weeks ago we didn’t finish, we are now completing the final pass and finishing off some good play!
“The forwards during the last two weeks have dominated set pieces and around the park, giving us a platform to play from.
“The wins have been great but we still have a lot of room for improvement both as a team and individually which I’m sure we’ll get on with this week.”

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