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Adlard adds to the backs dominance

Four-try hero Mike Adlard is the latest back to benefit from Hull’s exciting attack.
Adlard started the weekend 10 behind leading try scorer Stephen Hihetah’s haul of 17.
But after Hull’s 42-7 win over Wirral, Adlard moved to within six of Hihetah.
Of the 54 tries Hull have scored this season, 42 have been scored by backs.
Adlard puts the success down to the pressure they’ve managed to put on the opposition knowing they have the speed to hurt teams.
“We worked really well as a team yesterday,” Adlard said.
“We all knew our roles and knew what we had to do.
“We applied the pressure we needed to in their half in order for our backs to counter attack.
“Our backs this season are very good and given the ball in space, we always look dangerous on attack.”

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