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Stephen is on course for record-breaking season

For 12 years, Danny Smith has held the club record of scoring 26 tries in a single season.
Some have come close to breaking it but ultimately fell short to the relief of Smith.
But this season should be the season that record finally falls.
And the man to write his name in the history books should be Stephen Hihetah.
Hihetah has been on fire for Hull this season with 17 tries in the club’s first nine games in league and cup – and he didn’t play in the season opening win against Rossendale.
Thirteen of his 17 tries have been scored in his last four matches including the first five try haul in a game since Mateo Malupo managed it in the 2008/09 season.
And after last season, disrupted by injuries, Hihetah is relieved to be playing regularly – and scoring regularly too.
“I’m just very blessed that I have been able to sort out my groin injury from last season,” Hihetah said.
“It just feels nice to be pain free when running and start finding my strides again.
“As for the record, I will try my best.
“I feel like the team is just getting started and we’ve still got loads to offer the team.
“It was a great win for the boys, we trained hard in the week and got the rewards in the end.
“Again we just need to believe we are a good team and performance well as we know we can.”

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