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Our history with Morley

Morley RFC were formed in 1878 and moved to their present Scatcherd Lane ground in 1883. In 1895 they were invited to the inaugural meeting of the proposed Northern Union, ‘The Great Schism’ as it was then called to form a breakaway union from the Rugby Football Union.
Their two delegates appointed to attend the meeting went into a local hostelry to await their train, enjoyed the beer so much they had ‘one for the road’ and missed their train to Huddersfield.
Morley remained within the RFU but had they joined the new union they would, in later years, have become Morley Rugby League Football Club. Rugby League’s loss was Rugby Union’s gain.
The club went on to become probably the most successful club in Yorkshire RU and after leagues were formed in the 1980s they eventually rose to the second tier of English rugby at the end of season 1990-91.
The ‘Maroons’ as they are known as contested their first Yorkshire Cup Final in 1895 when they were beaten 16-4 by Brighouse Rangers at Headingley before a crowd of 20,000. They have been in 20 Yorkshire Cup finals, winning eleven and losing nine.
They are a fine old club with a long and proud history, whom it is always a pleasure to play against and whose hospitality is second to none.
In the past they have provided four English internationals and forty-three Yorkshire County players, and in those days the County Championship really meant something, unlike today.
Hull RUFC first met up with Morley RFC in season 2004-05 but by then their halcyon days were over and they eventually fell as low as North East Division One which is level six of the league structure.
The results since then are as follows:
2004-05 – North One
Hull 20 – Morley 7
Morley 21 – Hull 20
2005-06 – North One
Morley 50 – Hull 7
Morley 35 – Hull 12 (round five Powergen Cup)
Hull 19 – Morley 15
2008-09 – North One
Morley 22 – Hull 23
Hull 18 – Morley 8
2010 – 11 – National Two North
Hull 35 – Morley 31
Morley 37 – Hull 36
2016-17 – National Three North
Hull 26 – Morley 5
Morley 19 – Hull 27
So in all the eleven games played Hull have won seven and Morley four.
This season Morley have made a poor start to their season having lost four of their five games.
Their only success so far has been a 10-10 draw at home to Sandal.

Compiled by Norman Angell.

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