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Mixed feelings for Pearce

The look on Gary Pearce’s face at the final whistle said it all.
His side had just beaten Pocklington 30-0 thanks to three late tries but it was far from a polished performance by his players.
His side made too many uncharacteristic errors in the first half in particular, but his side defended brilliantly to make it just one try conceded in their opening two fixtures.
Improvements will need to be made if Hull are to make it a hat-trick of wins against Preston at Chants Ave this weekend.
“I was pleased with our defence but a bit disappointed in our attack,” Pearce said.
“We always knew Pocklington at home for their first game of the season would be a challenge in front of a big crowd.
“They had a bit of a beaten on the road the week before and they would target their home games.
“I thought we did well after the downpour prior to the game which made the ball slippy and it seemed to affect us more than them.
“We turned too much ball over in the first half and we create four chances but didn’t execute all of them.
“Our defence luckily was quite strong and I don’t think they made a line break in the game.
“But our awareness at times let us down at times when we got close to their line.
“We need to finish them chances against the better sides.
“We got the five points and the thing that didn’t stop was our fitness and desire to get there and all credit to the players for that.”

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