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Be patient warns Pearce

Come 3pm this afternoon, the players will be unleashed to start their new season.
Emotions will be running high but as the coach, it’s the coach’s job to make sure the players are in the right frame of mind for the season opener.
One of the last things Gary Pearce will say to his troops before they leave the Chants Ave changing room is to be patient.
Rossendale will present one of the toughest tests Hull will face this season and if Pearce’s side are to get off to a winning start, patience will be the key.
“We will have to show patience against Rossendale,” Pearce said.
“It’s a big game to start the season and we have to control our emotions and ha dale the occasion.
“We’ll have to fight fire with fire and not forget how to play.
“We know we can score points but we have to cut down the number of mistakes we make.
“Respecting the ball will be key and we need to make sure we don’t force things as that’s when errors occur.”
The opening day of a new season is not just a day for the players to get excited.
Pearce admits the first competitive game still give him butterflies in his stomach.
A lot of hard work has been done to get the squad to this point and Pearce knows what his side are capable of.
Getting off to a winning start is the most important thing and Pearce hope to see a good performance as well.
“I’d like to see us play well, but it’s about getting the win,” Pearce said.
“I want to get the four points first and hopefully see a bit of style.
“If the performance doesn’t come, then I’m sure it will in the coming weeks.
“The players have worked hard for the last 16 or 17 weeks and I know they are excited for the start of the season.
“As a coach it’s different because you haven’t gone through the hard work the players have.
“But I still get excited on the opening day of the season.
“This is a really good group of players and I’m excited to see what they can produce.
“I hope to see the things we have been working on in training come to fruition.”

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