1st Team, Home

Dias wants to create a buzz

As the club celebrate their 25th Anniversary, the buzz around Chanterlands Avenue isn’t confined to the off-field.
On the pitch, the players know what is expected of them and that’s to give promotion their best shot.
Prop Mike Dias knows a winning start at home to Rossendale can help the club in more ways than the league table.
As a squad, we have spoken about this opening game as our first challenge to our end goal which is promotion,” Dias said.
“There is no doubt this Saturday’s game is going to be a tough battle but one we are ready for.
“Starting off with a win has more importance than just the points.
“I think a win will keep the confidence high around the squad.
“I know we’re all ready to go now and just want the season to start.
“We will grow with every game to be honest.
“Hopefully we can build a good buzz around the club and surrounding areas and get some good crowds for home games this season.”

Hull v Rossendale, Chanterlands Avenue, 3pm

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