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Second XV Player Profile – Dylan Bridges

Player Profile – Dylan Bridges

Interviewer: “Looking trim Dylan”
Dylan: “Mate, this year I’m playing 15. Birchy had better find another job, I’m feeling Full Back this year”.

Interviewer: “Thought Birchy did well last season. Wasn’t he Player of the Season?”
Dylan: “What, just cause he washes Gary’s car? Not this season mate, he can get out on the wing or the bench or whatever”

Interviewer: “Think you’ve got the style to link up well with the other backs”
Dylan: “Well I’m definitely as quick as George Fossey at the moment. Is he still on crutches? I definitely think I’m the best full back at the club though”

Interviewer: “Do you think Gary will see it that way?”
Dylan: “If he knows what he’s looking at he will”

Interviewer: “Any word on the other backs / half backs?”
Dylan: “I like the look of Harvey Harding. Good player, and a good looking lad too. God knows how he keeps them good looks tackling like he does. Comes off the pitch every game, not a hair out of place. Now Danny Hague – there’s a guy who looks like he knows how to tackle with his face…”

Interviewer: “You’ve seen the new kit design on the web, celebrating the club’s 25 year history”.
Dylan: “Yeah, the new kit looks great. Looking forward to getting that 15 shirt and getting a few snaps for the Facebook page. 25 years for the club eh? Guess Maea would still have been playing back then – he’s like the Stanley Gene of Hull RUFC. You’d need to cut him in half and count his rings to know how old that lad really is.”

Interviewer: “Cheers for that – I’ll pass that on!”
***This interview may not reflect what was actually said! ***

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