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Seconds XV player profile – Andy Angell

Interviewer: “So Andy, preseason is nearly upon us. You and the lads must be rearing to go!”
Andy: “We sure are. I’ve spent the summer smashing in the gym. I’m literally sweating Whey Protein and peeing blood! Yeah!!”

Interviewer: “Great to hear, if a bit disturbing. So what are your ambitions going into the season?”
Andy: “I try not to set too many goals for each season if I’m to be honest. I just try and take each game as it comes. Catching more than 50% of passes would be a good start though”

Interviewer: “Obviously the Seconds had a rough time of it last season, with a couple of big scores put past you guys. Do you think you’ll fare better this season?”
Andy; “Oh definitely. Nothing like a few good hidings to toughen you up mentally and physically. We’ve taken our knocks and I’m sure we’ll come back stronger. Last thing we want is to end up like the Firsts – soft!”

Interviewer: “And how do you think the First Team will fare this season?”
Andy: “The lads need to up their game. Too much laying on the rucks from Brownie, whilst Stevie Hihetah’s too worried about breaking a finger nail. Happened last pre-season and he didn’t start a game till Christmas…”

Interviewer: “Final word then. Who do you see being the biggest character in the Hull dressing room this season?”
Andy: “That’s an easy one!”
Interviewer: “Cheers Andy, always a pleasure!”

***This interview may not reflect what was actually said! ***

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