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Player profile – Dane Campbell

Player Profile – Dane Campbell

Interviewer: “Dane! Good to see you back at the Club, looking keen”
Dane: “You know me kid. Gotta show the rest how it’s done”.

Interviewer: “I hear on the grapevine that you’ll be our flair player this season?”
Dane: “I’m a born 10. You seen what I did in that last game of the season. Cheeky hands, throws a dummy. Awesome kicking, I got the lot. Johnta can play prop this year. I’m playing 10”

Interviewer: “Think Johnta can play in the front row!?”
Dane; “He’d better learn. I’m our 10 now”

Interviewer: “As for kicking, you’ll be looking to replace Scuba then?”
Dane: “Ha! Oh, sorry…was that a serious question!?!?”

Interviewer: “A word for our compadres in the Firsts”
Dane: “I’ll give them two. Man. Up.”

Interviewer: “How about Mongo, Fossey and Dom. Young fellas, each played a couple of times for the Seconds last year. How do you think each will get on?”
Dane: “Yeah they spent a bit of time with us in the big leagues, and I think it’s fair to say they struggled. They’re not used to the way we do things. No time to mess about preparing, working on line outs etc. You’ve just got to finish your fag and get out there, and hope we’ve got 15 players…”

Interviewer: “Finally, you happy to see Tomasi re-sign for the Firsts this year”
Dane: “Who?”
Interviewer: “We’ll leave it there”.

***This interview may not reflect what was actually said! ***

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