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How did Hull RUFC begin life 25 years ago?

Exactly 25 years ago, our club was formed.
It wasn’t a simple case of starting from scratch, there was a lot more to it.
Richard Gore, who has been a stalwart of the club throughout its existence, explains how the club known as Hull RUFC came about.
“The build up to the merger was fairly complex,” Gore said.
“A few years before the merger Old Hymerians (my club) and the Hull & East Riding Club then playing at Analby Road, were in talks about a merger but at the last minute Hull & ER broke off these talks and went to merge with Ionians who were based out at Elloughton.
“However the upshot of that move was that Hull & ER split as a club with a group of them carrying on at the ground at Anlaby Road.
“Stuart and Jeremy Saunt, Norman Angel and Ron Gibbin were all involved with the Anlaby Road venture and had been successful in recruiting and had a very good side for the league they were in which I think was Yorkshire Three.”

So, what division would the new club play in? And what should the club colours be?
“Old Hymerians were in East North two, a league below the one we are in now but were struggling for new players,” Gore said.
“Old Hymerians former Chairman and long standing member Richard Ashton lead the Hymerians in talks with Stuart Saunt as the leader of the Hull & ER delegation was holding and the merger went ahead to the benefit of both clubs as a side emerged with more and better players to maintain the position of a club in East North 2 with chances of getting into the national leagues.
“The debate about club colours and the design of the club tie were short and productive with everyone involved more concerned about having a good rugby team.
“Those cosmetic matters which have been known to stop mergers were sorted out to everyone’s complete satisfaction in double quick time.
“The new club was named HULL RUFC and commenced playing in the 1992/93 season.”

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