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Who’s doing what at 3pm today?

When 3pm rolls round this afternoon, rugby players up and down the country will be trying to fill the void of having no games to play.
We asked some of the Hull players what they will be doing at 3pm when they are used to doing battle on the pitch.
It’s the first weekend of their hard-earned break, but it seems the game isn’t too far from their thoughts.
Skipper Tom Rice said: “Besides being lost, I’ll be doing some work to my house as it’s going up for sale.
“Then the rest of the summer Saturdays will be filled with training, eating, a couple of weekends away to see family and friends and most importantly watching the British Lions.
Prop Mike Jobling is using the time to re-acquaint himself with close friends before switching from the 15-man code to the 7s circuit.
“Saturday afternoons will now have to be spent with that strange lady that feeds me when I return from training that I call the missus,” Jobling said.
“I have an action packed summer ahead with the Akuma rugby agents 7s in my managerial role.
“Also I have Tomasi’s wedding to attend.
“Of course I’ll be doing some off season training in the local drinking hole and occasionally the gym.
“Being honest, I can’t wait to get going again!”

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