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Rice ready to start pre-season training after brief break

The dust has barely settled on the season and captain Tom Rice is already looking forward to the next league campaign.
There has been plenty for Rice to be satisfied with before entering the off-season with a comfortable 26-10 win over Kendal.
Rice says hae and the rest of the squad are so determined to do better next season that they are starting their preparations quicker than most would expect.
“It’s a week off and then we’re back in the gym,” Rice said.
“We are really going to push for promotion next season and we’re all booked into Carl’ Donohoe’s gym The Pit three times during the week and then on a Saturday morning.
“There’s a core of players that live locally and we’re all going to train together and that will make us stronger.
“We’ve built a lot of momentum this season and most of the squad are staying.
“I’m sure Gary will have a few additions that will add something to the squad.
“Things are certainly looking up for us.
“All these years of playing and I’m actually already looking forward to next season already.”

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