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Pearce wishes the season was at half way point

If Gary Pearce had his way, there would be 13 more games to play after today’s game.
Instead he says goodbye to his players as the curtain comes down on another season.
Pearce picks his final team for the visit of Kendal to Chanterlands Avenue wishing there was more fixtures to fulfil.
He feels his side have found their groove in the second half of the season and praised his players for the progress they have made.
“I wish it was half way through the season,” Pearce said.
“We have come on so much as a squad since Christmas.
“This is just the beginning and we need to keep the momentum we have going.
“I’m so pleased and proud of the lads for the heart and spirit they have shown.
“We are gaining experience all the time which is why I want to finish well today.
“How we finish the season is how we want to start next season.
“We are a team worth watching and I hope that is reflected in the crowd watching today’s game.”

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