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Quigley is no fan of the swan dive

One of the talking points to emerge from last Saturday’s Champions Cup quarter-finals was Willie Le Roux’s clanger for Wasps in their defeat to Leinster.
Wasps were trailing 8-3 at the time and if he hadn’t decided to showboat by doing a ‘Swan-dive’ over the line which would have been fine had he not dropped the ball before crashing to the ground embarrassed.
We asked prop Steve Quigley what he thought of the incident and how he would react if the same thing happened to one of his teammates.
“I definitely wouldn’t be brave enough to do it myself,” Quigley said.
“In fact if I tried to do it and landed it I think there would be an aftermath of earthquakes in the east Yorkshire area from the impact on the ground.
“I’m more than happy to just collapse over the line and celebrate by trying to catch my breath.
“As far as what I’d say to a team mate who did the same thing, I wouldn’t wish to use that sort of vocabulary off the rugby pitch.”

To watch Willie Le Roux’ faux pas click here.

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