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“This is one of the best amateur side I’ve coached” Pearce

“This is one of the best amateur side I’ve coached”: Pearce (Categories: 1st team)
Gary Pearce has hailed this current Hull RUFC squad as the best amateur side he has ever coached.
Pearce predicts big things for the team who remain in the hunt for the National Three North play-off place in Pearce’s second full season at Chanterlands Avenue.
If promotion evades them this year, then Pearce expects his troops to come back stronger and finish the job of next season.
“This is one of the best amateur sides I’ve coached,” Pearce said.
“The next three of four seasons are going to be big for this squad of players.
“Regardless of the conditions, this team can play in the mud and on the rock hard pitches too and that is a sign of a good side.
“We are a team that likes to play good rugby.
“It takes time for a team to gel, but we have done that this season.
“We are developing our second team who are playing every week and the key now is to get more numbers involved and become more challenging and put pressure on the first team players.
“We are well on the way to becoming a club which was one of the thing I wanted to do when I came here.
“It wasn’t that long ago there were only 10 players left at the club.
“It’s been a rebuilding process but we are well ahead of schedule.”

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